Tommy Zoom, Daniel, Polluto and Smogg in the front cover

Tommy Zoom is a children's animated television series the animation is created by Alternative View Studios for BBC, It is shown regularly on CBeebies in the UK. It started out as a feature on the CBeebies website, but proved so popular it was made into the television show.

Synopsis[edit source]Edit

Each episode begins and ends with a live action sequence, narrated by Daniel (Tommy's dog), in which Tommy is faced with a dilemma. Daniel will pose the question "What should Tommy do? What would Tommy Zoom do?" The show then switches to animation to show Tommy Zoom foiling a plot by Polluto which has some link to whatever problem the real Tommy currently faces. After saving the world "in a zoom", the live action element is re-introduced, and Tommy is seen to make the right choices and solve whatever problem he has.

Episodes[edit source]Edit

  1. Water water
  2. Graffiti
  3. Supergranulator
  4. Shower
  5. Caged
  6. Bring Me Sunshine
  7. Stop the Rot
  8. Food Fight
  9. Steel Thunder
  10. No Sleep
  11. Monsta Mega Mucky Trucky
  12. Paper
  13. Mark of Polluto
  14. Imagination
  15. Doggytron
  16. Boyz Noise
  17. Winning and Losing
  18. Clean Up
  19. Capngrab
  20. Helping Others
  21. Gridlock
  22. Finders Keepers
  23. Washing Hands
  24. Framed
  25. Losing Things
  26. Space Junk
  27. Electricity
  28. Confidence
  29. Cover Up
  30. Aromathone

Characters[edit source]Edit

Heroes[edit source]Edit

  • Tommy Zoom - A child superhero, complete with cape and large Z imprinted on his chest.
  • Daniel - Tommy's dog and sidekick, who often discovers the problem. He is voiced by Jerome Flynn.

Villains[edit source]Edit

  • Polluto - A light blue imp or an alien with rotten teeth, and is Tommy's enemy. who aims to ruin the world by removing all greenery and polluting watercourses with chemicals. He wears a smart purple suit. He is voiced by Keith Wickham[1].
  • Smogg - A lazy black cat, Polluto's sidekick. Smogg's whiskers are bent and he has a huge, cheeky smile

Other Characters[edit source]Edit

These all appear in the live-action segments.

  • Real Life Tommy - Causes problems around the house before transforming into Tommy Zoom, never speaks, played by Nathaniel Gleed.
  • Real Life Daniel - Narrator of the story.
  • Mum - Sometimes seen walking around the house, never speaks.
  • Dad - Sometimes seen walking around the house, never speaks.
  • Baby Sam - Sometimes seen eating at the table. Sometimes laughs, but never speaks.

References[edit source]Edit

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