Tommy Zoom And Daniel Investigating The Smell

Stop the Rot is the seventh episode of Tommy Zoom. In this episode, Polluto tries to destroy the planet by stealing

the world's compost supply, but Tommy and Daniel are on hand to stop him. This episode is about putting grass cuttings in compost.


As the episode begins, we find Dad, Tommy, and Daniel in the garden. Dad was mowing the lawn, and Tommy was raking the mowed grass. He was then carrying the grass using some things to cover his hands. As when he was about to put it in the bin, Dad stopped him and told him that the only thing to put the grass in is the compost heap. But Tommy didn't like the compost heap, because it smelled horrible. When he opened the compost heap, he wasn't sure what to do either to smell the smell in the compost heap and put the grass in, or put it in the bin. When Daniel asked what should Tommy Zoom do, they both transform into a cartoon superhero and a cartoon dog. When they got to the world, they smell a horrible rotten smell. They both decided to split up to see what the smell is. As the smell got closer, Daniel found Smogg and confronted with him. Smogg had a gunge machine and tried to gunge Daniel but he keeps missing him. After a fight, Daniel had the gunge machine and was about to gunge Smogg, when the machine exploded and gunge was everywhere, but Daniel has gone. Meanwhile, Tommy met a gardener who tells him that the compost is gone and he goes through a plan. The gardener was Polluto in disguise. Without the compost, the world will be rotten. As Tommy and Polluto go into a battle, Polluto gets into a machine and tries to capture Tommy with grass, but Smogg caught Tommy in a net. A thing covered in gunge with eyes starts coming to Smogg which scares him. He quickly escapes in Polluto's machine with Polluto by pressing his levers. They drive into a swamp which was quicksand, and they get sunk in the swamp. The thing covered in gunge was Daniel. He frees Tommy out from the net, and they both saved the world in a zoom. Back in the real world, Tommy decided to put the grass in the compost heap. Daniel then explains that you can put other things in the compost heap too. As Tommy got more grass, he puts it on Daniel, and he really needs a bath. The episode then ends.


Smog:Getting out of here!

Polluto: No! We've got to compost Zoom and make the world a BIG junkyard! Leave my levers alone! Not that one! 



  • Settings: Tommy's garden and Neighbourhood
  • Theme: Putting grass cuttings in compost
  • Characters: Tommy, Daniel, Dad, Polluto, and Smogg
  • First aired: March 27, 2007


  • This is the first episode not to have Baby Sam and Mum in.