Smogg looking willing to eat his fish

Smogg is the secondary antagonist in Tommy Zoom. He is a cat who is lazy and helps Polluto to destroy the world and defeat Tommy and Daniel. He is voiced by Nick Mercer.


Smogg is a black cat and he has bent whiskers, a cheeky smile.


Smogg is a lazy cat who helps Polluto to destroy the world. He always has a cheeky grin. He mostly gets chased by Daniel and sometimes he gets defeated with Polluto and he’s better than Polluto at escaping. He’s also very cheeky and he loves fish and sleeping.



Tommy and Smogg don’t talk to each other. Tommy mostly leaves Smogg alone because he is lazy and it’s mainly Polluto who makes the plans and without him, Smogg will be more lazier than he is. However Smogg is delighted help Polluto most of the time especially when Polluto rewards him with fish.


Daniel and Smogg don‘t get along. Daniel is surprised when he spots Smogg sometimes because Daniel could tell that he’s up to something with Polluto. But whenever Smogg gets caught by Daniel mostly he gets chased by him so that Polluto gets defeated.


Polluto and Smogg are good friends but sometimes they are mean to each other. Polluto can get annoyed when Smogg sleeps when Polluto is trying to take over the world and when he takes the mickey of Polluto losing, but Polluto is very proud of him when he helps and rewards him with treats in some episodes.


Smogg has appeared in every episode as he is one of the main characters Here are his appearances:

  1. Water water
  2. Graffiti
  3. Supergranulator
  4. Shower
  5. Caged
  6. Bring Me Sunshine
  7. Stop the Rot
  8. Food Fight
  9. Steel Thunder
  10. No Sleep
  11. Monsta Mega Mucky Trucky
  12. Paper
  13. Mark of Polluto
  14. Imagination
  15. Doggytron
  16. Boyz Noise
  17. Winning and Losing
  18. Clean Up
  19. Capngrab
  20. Helping Others
  21. Gridlock
  22. Finders Keepers
  23. Washing Hands
  24. Framed
  25. Losing Things
  26. Space Junk
  27. Electricity
  28. Confidence
  29. Cover Up
  30. Aromathone


  • Smogg talks in some episodes but not in others.
  • Smogg can sometimes tease Polluto by not helping him much.