Polluto up to his evil plans in “Supergranulator”

Polluto is the main antagonist in Tommy Zoom. He is an imp or alien who tries to destroy the planet and tries to defeat Tommy and Daniel in every episode. He also has a sidekick called Smogg. Polluto is voiced by Keith Wickham.


Polluto is an imp or alien. He is light blue, has rotten teeth, and wears a light purple suit.


Polluto is an evil alien who tries to destroy the planet. He is mostly dressed in disguises to fool Tommy and Daniel. He hates getting defeated. He loves trying to make evil plans and he has a sidekick who is ”Smogg”. He also hates getting clean and loves to be smelly



Tommy and Polluto are enemies. Tommy hates it when Polluto tries to destroy the world by his evil plots. Polluto also uses his special plots to try and defeat Tommy but he gets defeated by Tommy. Polluto is happy when he is winning the war against Tommy and when he gives Tommy a lot of work to do when Tommy has to clean up. But Tommy gets happy when he fixes things and sorts Polluto out in different ways.


Daniel and Polluto are enemies. Daniel is also angry when he gets fooled by Polluto's disguises. Polluto sometimes tends to get Daniel away from Tommy but they try their hardest to find each other and beat Polluto.


Smogg and Polluto are good friends although they could be mean to each other. Smogg is always bothered when Polluto tells him what to do but he always helps even though when he gets defeated Smogg does takes the mickey sometimes because it doesn’t bother Smogg as much as Polluto.


Polluto has appeared in every episode as he is one of the main characters Here are his appearances:

  1. Water water
  2. Graffiti
  3. Supergranulator
  4. Shower
  5. Caged
  6. Bring Me Sunshine
  7. Stop the Rot
  8. Food Fight
  9. Steel Thunder
  10. No Sleep
  11. Monsta Mega Mucky Trucky
  12. Paper
  13. Mark of Polluto
  14. Imagination
  15. Doggytron
  16. Boyz Noise
  17. Winning and Losing
  18. Clean Up
  19. Capngrab
  20. Helping Others
  21. Gridlock
  22. Finders Keepers
  23. Washing Hands
  24. Framed
  25. Losing Things
  26. Space Junk
  27. Electricity
  28. Confidence
  29. Cover Up
  30. Aromathone


  • Polluto is a master of disguises in most episodes.
  • Polluto's catchphrase when he gets defeated is "Blast you, Zoom!"
  • He often goes "WHA HA HA!" in each episode.