Graffiti is the second episode of Tommy Zoom. In this episode, Daniel and Tommy race to stop Polluto from painting the world purple, which soon proves to be a challenging struggle for the protagonists when Tommy is captured by Polluto while Daniel had earlier been dropped to safety.

This episode is about drawing all over walls and traps


Daniel and Smogg watching Polluto getting attacked


Having dropped Daniel to safety protects himself from all the purple goos coming towards him. When landing at the group, Tommy encounters Smogg who bursts his bubble armour before fleeing to safety when Polluto suddenly arrives in his vehicular machine. Tommy turns his attentions to his adversary and prepares to stop him, but Polluto strikes first and launches two purple goos straight towards Tommy, sending the superhero flying against the fence and causing him to lose his weapon. A glaring Tommy attempts to launch himself free while telling Polluto to immediately "give up", but the villain lunges Tommy back against the fence while remarking at Tommy's face that he is "just getting started".

Having ordered Smogg (twice) to explain his plan, Polluto proudly reveals his destiny to pain the world purple and secure world domination. Outraged, Tommy lashes out in an second unsuccessful attempt to free himself and vows to stop Polluto permanently. However, Polluto remains unfazed and, while ranting how he will achieve his destiny, mocks Tommy's weakness as he continuously struggles to free himself while Polluto laughs. He then activates his vehicular machine that presents his weaponry that is set to fulfill Polluto's victory while taunting Tommy, who has just about given up after failing to force himself free yet again. At this stage, Daniel turns and Polluto orders Smogg to get rid of him, only for the feline to be chased away by Daniel.

Though unimpressed, Polluto continues to work on firing his weapon in less than half a minute. Eventually, Tommy uses the last of his strength to break a fence free attached to his wrists, finally freeing himself after a minute of numerous struggled attempts earlier on.


  • Settings: Tommy's house, Neighbourhood, and Water Tower
  • Theme: Drawing all over walls
  • Characters: Tommy, Daniel, Mum, Smogg, and Polluto
  • First aired: March 20, 2007


  • This is the first episode not to have Baby Sam in it.