Framed is the twenty-fourth episode of Tommy Zoom. In this episode, Polluto and Smogg dress up as the hero and

Tommy Zoom In A Big Hole While Daniel Sees It

Polluto dressed as Tommy and Smogg dressed as Daniel

his dog and set about framing them for causing mischief. This episode is about telling the truth.

Tommy Zoom In A Big Hole While Daniel Sees It


As the episode begins, we find Tommy watching TV. He couldn't decide if we wants to watch cartoon or dog shows. So, he chose both. As he bounced up and down the sofa, the batteries fell out. Mum came to see what's going on, but when she saw the batteries that fallen out, she thought Baby Sam did it. Then, Tommy spilled milk on the floor, but Mum thought Sam was to blame. And then, when Tommy drew all over Mum's favourite magazine, Sam got the blame. Mum got so cross that she put Sam in the playpen, which made him sad. Tommy felt guilty, and he wasn't sure if he should tell the truth or not tell the truth. After Daniel asked what should Tommy Zoom do, they both transform into their cartoon superhero and dog looks. The newsman said that Tommy has been causing a lot of trouble. He said that Tommy put bubble bath in the pond, let the air out of every bicycle in town, and built a giant wall around the strawberry smoothie factory. As Tommy and Daniel put things right, everyone was still mad at Tommy. So, Daniel suggests that they should investigate to find out who it is. Then, the fake Tommy Zoom and Daniel flew up and planned to destroy the football pitch. As Tommy and Daniel came, they confronted the fake Tommy Zoom. But, they got zapped which made a big hole in the pitch. The game was ruined. As the fake Tommy and Daniel revealed themselves as Polluto and Smogg, Daniel chases Smogg. Polluto just taught the world Tommy was innocent. Tommy got out the net from the goal and trapped Polluto and Smogg in there. Tommy putted the pitch right so the game can start. Tommy saved the match in a zoom. Back in the real world, Sam was still in trouble. Tommy knows it's time to tell Mum the truth. So, he told Mum the truth, and she wasn't pleased at him for blaming Sam, but she was happy he told the truth. Sam is happy, because Tommy gave him his best ball that he used to have when he was a baby, that Sam likes playing with. The episode then ends.


  • Settings: Tommy's house, Park, Town, and Football Game
  • Theme: Telling the truth
  • Characters: Tommy, Daniel, Baby Sam, Mum, Polluto, and Smogg
  • First aired: March 17, 2008