Dad playing the saxophone in "Imagination!"

Dad is one of the main characters of Tommy Zoom. He is an adult who lives in a house with TommyDanielBaby Sam, and Mum. He is portrayed by Richard Moody.


Dad is an adult who lives in a house with his family. He has brown hair, wears a black t-shirt with yellow and red stripes, and wears white trousers.


Dad is a happy and clumsy adult. His face is not shown and he never talks. He loves to try and mend things around the house but he can get a little careless at most things.



Dad is always around if Tommy needs him. He loves taking Tommy out to the park on their bikes with Daniel. He helps Tommy when he needs it.


Dad loves it when Daniel comes with the family out to somewhere. Whenever he comes to Dad, he is very happy for him to be there. He loves to look after Daniel along with Tommy.

Baby SamEdit

Dad loves to take care of Baby Sam. Whenever Sam needs something, he goes and fetch it for him. He also likes to help Mum take care of Sam.


Dad and Mum are a good couple. Dad is always happy when Mum helps him to fix something. He also loves it when Mum comes to other places with him and the others.


Dad has appeared in most episodes. He only hasn't appeared in 8 episodes. Here are Dad's appearances:

  1. Supergranulator
  2. Shower
  3. Caged
  4. Bring Me Sunshine
  5. Stop the Rot
  6. No Sleep
  7. Monsta Mega Mucky Trucky
  8. Paper
  9. Mark of Polluto
  10. Imagination
  11. Doggytron
  12. Boyz Noise
  13. Winning and Losing
  14. Clean Up
  15. Capngrab
  16. Helping Others
  17. Finders Keepers
  18. Losing Things
  19. Space Junk
  20. Electricity
  21. Confidence
  22. Cover Up
  23. Aromathone


  • In some episodes, Dad's face is never shown but it's sometimes seen for a quick second, like Mum.