Blast you, Zoom 

Clean Up is the eighteenth episode of Tommy Zoom. In this episode, Polluto plans to cover the world in litter, forcing Tommy to clean up before it is too late. This episode is about cleaning up litter. 


Tommy and Daniel watching Polluto in his sandcastle


As the episode begins, we find the family going to a trip to the beach. Daniel helped Tommy build a sandcastle. They built a very big sandcastle. Tommy got some water from the sea to make a moat, while Daniel guarded the castle. After lots of bucketfuls, Tommy played king of the castle. Mum brought them some sandwiches for lunch. After Tommy had finished, he threw his bag on the sand. Daniel tried to get Tommy to pick it up, but he wasn't sure what to do either to play king of the castle or king of the litter, because there were lots of litter as well. When Daniel asked what should Tommy do, they both get transformed into cartoon. When they came to a beach, they find some litter on the beach and met someone called Mr. Mess, who is an old man, who helps with the litter. Tommy helps Mr. Mess with the litter, because he has a bad back. When Tommy looked what else to throw away, he had lots of litter, but then, Mr. Mess was really Polluto, and he and Smogg introduced them to their sandcastle, and he had gone through his plan. Polluto is trying to defeat the world by littering it. The sandcastle was made of unbreakable iron. Smogg had a gadget called the activator to make more litter. Daniel had an idea. He thought of flushing them out, like they made a moat. As Tommy made a moat, water was around Polluto's sandcastle, and they both fell in the sea. Polluto hates getting clean and that ruined his day. The crab then pinched Polluto which made his day even worst. Smogg was laughing at when Polluto was hurt and then a crab pinched him too. They ran away screaming with crabs on them but there was still lots of litter. So, Daniel used Smogg's activator to make three Tommy Zooms. The three Tommy Zooms cleaned up the litter, and Daniel found a de-activator button on the activator and de-activated Tommy, so he can be back to normal. Back in the real world, Tommy cleaned up all the litter, with help from Daniel. It was time to go home, but Dad can't find the car keys. So, everyone looked around the beach to find them, and the episode ends.


  • Setting: Beach
  • Theme: Cleaning up litter
  • Characters: Tommy, Daniel, Baby Sam, Mum, Dad, Polluto, and Smogg
  • First aired: March 12, 2008


  • In the episode Food Fight, a scene from this episode was used.