Tommy Zoom and Ricky (Polluto in his disguise)

Tommy Zoom - Boyz Noize (2008)

Tommy Zoom - Boyz Noize (2008)

Boyz noise is the sixteenth episode of tommy zoom in this episode polluto plan to turn into tommys favourite rock muscian ricky tenitis to rock his music so loud that the world is a noisy place. This episode is about playing music when little ones are awake.

As the episode begins it is time for baby sam to have his nap and tommy plays his guitar so loudly that it wakes up baby sam Daniel asked tommy if he should play some more or stop and let baby sam have some rest. After he asked what would tommy zoom do they both transform into their cartoon forms and when they go to tommy's imagination world they meet polluto duisguised as ricky tenitis he tells them that he has sprained his drum tommy fixes it and leaves. While they were playing Daniel had a feeling Smogg was around because he smelt similar, Smogg then played loud which made Daniel go flying. Polluto made the loudest noise out of all with his guitar. Polluto explains his plans pretending to be Ricky, Daniel knew Tommy had no idea of what’s going on and he realised at first that Polluto was ricky, he was about to turn of the power but Smogg threw a guitar at his disguise and Polluto‘s Rickys outift got of him while he was playing. Tommy was shocked that Polluto was Ricky and he wanted to sort things out while Polluto plays loudly. Smogg then tried to hit the same guitar at Daniel but he missed and lost his guitar while spinning around. Daniel then pulled Smogg’s disguise which sent Smogg flying into the air. Polluto was happy that he was winning at the moment but Smogg landed on his head. Polluto then couldn’t resist Smogg’s sharp claws and he was tying himself and Smogg up. People were cheering for Tommy as he has beaten Polluto and the crowd were happy that Polluto and Smogg got tied up. Tommy wanted everyone to thank Daniel as well and he told him to guard Polluto and Smogg while he saves the world in a zoom. Daniel was then howling and Polluto and Smogg hated it shouted very loud to try and ignore it. Back in the real world Tommy knew where to play his music loudly without waking Baby Sam up and Daniel was impressed. The episode ends