Baby Sam

Baby Sam in the pen in "Framed!"

Baby Sam is one of the main characters of Tommy Zoom. He is a young baby who is Tommy's baby brother. He lives with Tommy, DanielMum, and Dad. He is portrayed by Sarah Gower, Clare Gower, Noah Liddell, and Sam Liddell.


Baby Sam is a young baby with short brown hair. He also wears a white shirt with a white nappy.


Baby Sam is a young and playful baby. He always smiles most of the time. He sometimes cries when he loses toys or when he can’t find sid or when he wakes up. He loves to have fun and go out to places with the whole family.



Tommy is Sam's big brother. They love to play. Tommy sometimes annoys Sam, but he gets over with it. In Framed, Tommy does a few accidents and Sam gets blamed for it. But in the end, Tommy told the truth. Tommy sometimes gives toys he doesn't really want to Sam. They both love to play and have fun.


Daniel loves Sam. Whenever Sam is always around, Daniel is very happy. Sam also loves Daniel. He loves catching his toys and taking them to him when he loses them.


Sam loves Mum. Mum always takes care of Sam around the house and at other places.


Sam loves Dad. Dad always takes care of Sam around the house.


Baby Sam has appeared in most episodes. He only hasn't appeared in 3 episodes. Here are Sam's appearances:

  1. Water water
  2. Supergranulator
  3. Shower
  4. Caged
  5. Bring Me Sunshine
  6. Food Fight
  7. Steel Thunder
  8. Monsta Mega Mucky Trucky
  9. Mark of Polluto
  10. Doggytron
  11. Boyz Noise
  12. Winning and Losing
  13. Clean Up
  14. Helping Others
  15. Gridlock
  16. Framed
  17. Losing Things
  18. Cover Up


  • Baby Sam is one of the only main characters not to appear in all episodes. The other characters are Mum and Dad.
  • It is not exactly known where Baby Sam is while there are some episodes that show Tommy, Daniel, Mum, and Dad. It's possible that he is taking a nap.